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CSS gripe...
I've barely been up an hour or so; my eyes are still fuzzy from sleep. I'm reading blogs.

I found a blog that was recommended via another blog I recently found. The text is hard to read, it looks thin and blurry, as if my monitor is having problems with the edge (it shouldn't, it's an LCD monitor, so it shouldn't have the focusing problems of a CRT). Increasing the font size doesn't make the situation much better.

Obviously, it's a bad font choice; some fonts work well on monitors, others don't. I can use Firebug to find out the font and perhaps override it with my preference.

What did I find? "color: #555555;". The blogger chose to post in a 66% gray on a white background, explicitly overriding the implicit black text.

Thinking this was, perhaps, a Wordpress thing, I checked out a few Wordpress blogs, and it appears that the color preferred by Wordpress is #666666, which is even worse. I did find some #222222, and a few #333333, but only a couple #000000.

Worse, I discovered that my math blog, by default, used #29303b, a dark blue-grey. It's fixed now to black.

Why would someone choose to do that? Why would someone intentionally lower the contrast and make it harder to read?