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Penn's reaction to a Cardinal's claim that Atheists are not fully human.
A recent "Penn Says" is about the statement by a Cardinal in the Catholic Church that Atheists are not fully human. Penn is decent enough to give more context, in that the Cardinal was saying that the transcendent experience was part of the human experience and that Atheists, cutting themselves off from that experience, don't fully participate in the human experience.

Penn's reaction: "Fuck you".

I'm fully aware that that's not a cogent, rational argument, but I'm uncertain exactly which rhetorical fallacy it is.

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Looks to me like the "reductio ad vulgarem," or "reduction to swearing." (Viz. Bruce Sherrod, "Profanity is the inevitable linguistic crutch of the inarticulate motherfucker.") A milder form of this fallacy is often employed by Bill "Shut up!" O'Reilly.

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