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Today I got notice that someone subscribed to my dreamwidth journal and granted me access to their journal (i.e., what would be, on LJ, friending me). After figuring out how to reset my password, I reciprocated and checked my "reading page" (aka, my friends page).

Only one person was on it. It appears that since I got my account on 2 May, I haven't subscribed to anyone, nor anyone to me, until today.

It also occurred to me that having a Dreamwidth account so I could follow my peeps who shifted over there but not actually following anyone is silly. Further occurrances included the idea that I've forgotten who did shift over there, and I don't know how to search, especially since people sometimes change their name.


I have a dreamwidth account, using the name blaisepascal. Let me know, either here or there, if you are on dreamwidth.

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