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Has anyone seen any Spock/Spock yet?

Imagine this: A warp shuttle arrives at the Enterprise with Spock on it, there to take Spock to the new Vulcan home world (as it's been about a multiple of 7 years since the Spocks hit puberty) and his "services" are needed for furthering the Vulcan species.

There's a malfunction: nothing serious, but it'll drop the shuttle out of warp for a few days while it's repaired. They work hard to fix it, since there's a biological deadline involved, but don't quite make it....

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Just, Ew.

But I have a question. Vulcan males go into heat every seven years, so they have to mate then. But can they mate at other times? I got the idea that they wait for Pon Far because they choose to repress desire the rest of the time. In the case of being an endangered species it seems to me that the logical decision is to choose to mate more frequently.

As for Spock. I did mention that they might not want Spock in their gene pool right now. He isn't a pure blood Vulcan. His arranged mate is probably dead, and he has a human girlfriend.

There seems to be more chatter about Kirk/Spock'.

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