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Triangular Tunings
It's probably worth mentioning that I've started using a new blog, called Triangular Tunings, on Blogger. I'm not going away from LJ (as if you could tell, given the frequency of my postings), but rather I'm using the new blog as an outlet for my mathematical blathering. Getting into the nitty-gritty of what a number is (for instance) is probably not in most of my LJ readers interest, so it goes there. An add-in to blogger also allows me to use LaTeX for math typesetting, which I can't do here.

I've already posted two posts, the first called "Testing" and is basically a LaTeX-check post. The second, called What am I doing here? talks about my math background and what I'd like to do with that blog.

If it sounds interesting to you, check it out, and tell others.