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What should I do now?

Sunday, while at work, ordered lunch for 3 of us using Campusfood.com, putting the $53.60 charge on my Debit card. While the charge immediately effects my available balance, it doesn't effect my ledger/posted balance until the charge is actually posted, usually a few days later.

Monday, after work, received a letter from my Credit Union informing me that they had, as a courtesy to me, had placed "Overdraft Protection" on my account, meaning that if I were to overdraft my account by up to $300, they would pay the draft to protect me from embarrassment. They would still charge me a $25 overdraft fee.

Tuesday, at 5:00pm, had a $53.60 charge posted to my account from Campusfood.com. This lineitem went unnoticed.
Tuesday, at 5:09pm, had a $53.60 charge posted to my account from Campusfood.com. This lineitem went unnoticed.

Tuesday, late night: Purchased $20 or so in groceries from Wegmans, via card.

Wednesday, lunchtime: Noticed that my available balance was $0.00, went to talk to Credit Union about overdraft protection. Pointed out that without overdraft protection a paycheck that misses direct deposit would cause their automated bill paying system to refuse to conduct a large number of transactions until Monday, but with the overdraft protection the same missed direct deposit would result in probably over $100 of overdraft charges. I'm not that embarrassed by causing the auto bill pay system to delay a business day. I asked to opt out of the overdraft protection, and she took my name, account info, and wrote a note for the person involved.

Wednesday night: received an email from Campusfood.com, saying that their credit card processor had accidentally double-billed a lot of people, and they were working on the problem. It should be resolved in 24-48 hours.

Wednesday night: Sent email to my credit union informing them of my low balance caused by the double-billing, cited the times of the double-billing, and included a copy of the email form Campusfood. Requested that I not be hit with any overdraft fees caused by double-billing.

Thursday morning: $20 from groceries posted, pushing my ledger balance below $0.00.
Thursday morning: $25 overdraft fee posted, pushing my ledger balance even lower.
Thursday afternoon: $53.60 credit to my account from Campusfood.com posted, bringing my ledger balance to $23.

Thursday evening: Received email from credit union, informing me that they see the double-posting, but that the NSF charge has already been levied. Suggests I contact Campusfood.com to get the fee from them. Provides me with PDF of "Whom it may concern" letter stating that I got an NSF charge of $25 because of the double-posting.

Now what should I do? Do you think I'll have a shot at getting $25 from Campusfood.com because of their mistake? Is it worth my time to try?

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It's possible that either CampusFood.com or (more likely) their credit card processor would cover the overdraft charge because it was caused by their error. You've already got everything documented and a PDF from the credit union backing you up, so how much time would it really take to get it into presentable form and send it in to them? I'd say give it a shot.

I agree, I'd try to get it from Campusfood, however, it kind of feels like your credit union is jerking you around. I would ask to speak to a supervisor and make the case that you notified them promptly upon receiving notification of the double charge from the vendor. There's no reason they can't "unlevy" a charge. If they accidentally posted your paycheck twice you can bet they could undo that in a hurry. I'm sure they will make the argument that they weren't at fault and that's true, but neither were you and you notified them. The case could be made that THEY should try to recover from Campusfood. At the very least insist this does not show up as an overdraft on your credit report.

Is it worth your time to try? Unsure. Your time and stomach lining are worth something. The likely outcome is you won't get your money back. It's worth it to make sure this doesn't end up on your credit report. You might have a better chance getting a store credit from Campusfoods. Good luck.

Definitely bring it up to campusfood. They need to have a better response than "we're sorry". Their screw-up cost you time and $, and they should make it right.

Good luck!

I'd call or go to the credit union and ask for a supervisor. "We already charged you" is the dumbest excuse ever. A credit union is way more likely to reverse the charge than a regular bank is, but they'll never do it over email, you have to call or show up in person.

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