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Hacek is dead, long live Circumflex!
My new computer is built and runs fine, modulo a couple of issues. But my old computer, which I was planning on wiping clean and giving to skitten, has decided this is an opportune moment to refuse to power up. It looks like I'm going to have to transplant its hard drive to the new machine to get my data off. So it goes.

As I found out shortly before I ordered the thing, the motherboard only has 1 PS/2 port, meaning I can plug in either my existing keyboard (a Dell QuietKey from back when computers were still beige) or my existing mouse (a Logitech Trackman Marble Fx which is the best trackball I've ever found), but not both. I have a spare USB mouse floating around, but it's one of the worst-designed Apple mice I've run across. The cord is probably 24" long, and the body is perfectly round. This means you can't tell when it's straight in your hand, and you can't move it from, say, your computer to your desk. The end result is that the keyboard/mouse system is technically usable right now, but I'm going to have to get a new keyboard before the end of the day.

The other issue is the networking. I got a wireless card for it, but it needed a driver update to work with wireless and even so I'm finding wireless transfer speeds to be slow. Two configuration changes switched it from completely unbearable to merely annoying: I switched form channel 6 (the default everyone is on) to channel 1 (which is far enough from channel 6 to not be interfered with), and I changed my ESSID from the factory default to "diacritic". Since there appears to still be a WAP with the default ESSID on channel 6, the name and channel change probably makes a lot of people happy.

Other than that, it's fast, it's quiet, and it's here. There's still some setup work that needs to be done, but it's here!

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Congrats on the new machine! For the record, I love the name :)


Congrats on the new baby!!!

well at least you have a new *useable machine which is very good :)

Congratulations on the addition to your network.


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