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Weird UPS routing...
The computer is being shipped in two boxes (I'm assuming the case in one, everything else in the other). Both boxes are "out for delivery", one from Ithaca, one from Cortland. Why one box was unloaded in Cortland, I don't know. I expect to get the Ithaca box today, and hope to get the Cortland box as well, but I'll see what happens.

Update: The "We've shipped" email finally arrived, complete with a breakdown of what is in which box. The case is out for delivery from Ithaca, the rest is out for delivery from Cortland.

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Where did you end up getting it from? I know a few people suggested NewEgg.

At one point I need to get off my ass and build the MythTV server I was planning on.

I refer the honorable gentleman to my previous statements.

The honorable gentleman read your previous statements three minutes after he asked you the question, thereby answering his own question. :-)

plus it's a very spiffy, shiny new machine so he almost wished he had gotten the see through cover *grin*
He was a very happy man last night :)

Whose UPS tracking interface are you using? I know that when I order from Amazon that sometimes their UPS tracking info isn't quite right and I will then plug the info into itself. It could also have to do with where each box originated its voyage, taking it a slightly different route to the Central NY area.

Hope they both arrive soon and that you decide on a name (you know what my vote is!)

New Egg is giving more details than UPS. I suspect that the "myUPS" account/interface gives more detail, and that New Egg is picking up that info.

Both boxes went from Edison, NJ to Latham, NY last night. Both boxes left Latham with the same departure scan time. One box arrived in Cortland about an hour before the other box arrived in Ithaca. To me, this is consistent with them both being put on the same truck in Latham, but one being unloaded in Cortland for some reason.

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