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New monitor
Good news: the bonus I'd been expecting since August finally came in! I'm using it for some necessary computer upgrades. The current plan is for Skitten and I to get new LCD monitors, for me to get a kit computer (aka, all the components in a box that I have to put together), and for her to get the computer I'm currently using.

Not so good news: I got an email on Wednesday from HR (sent to entire company) saying that due to unforseeable/unavoidable issues, payroll would not be direct deposited on Friday (i.e. today/yesterday), and that physical checks would be distributed Monday. I got another email a short while later saying Friday, checks would be distributed on Friday, sorry for any panic attacks. When depositing my much larger-than-normal check, I was told that there is an automatic hold on check deposits above a certain amount. The upshot is that about 60% of my check was immediately available, and 40% will be available on Tuesday.

The end result is that with the automatic bill payments going out, I didn't have the money in the account to get two LCD monitors and order the kit computer. I could get just one monitor, and will have to wait until Tuesday to deal with the rest.

However, the new 22" widescreen monitor on my desk is spiffy. It's large enough that Firefox spread across it is hard to read, so I actually have "Wallpaper" visible on my screen. The colors are sharp, the brightness and contrast exceed that of my 12yr old CRT, the resolution is higher, etc. Instead of muddied and fuzzy, things are popping.

I'm happy.

BTW, if anyone knows of a good place online to get kit computers, let me know. Currently, I've found what I want at CompUSA/Tiger Direct (effectively the same site; I looked at them in adjacent tabs as if it were a blink-comparetor), but I'm willing to look elsewhere. I've got until at least Tuesday to make my selection.

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www.newegg.com is the only place to go. When my boss at Spellman was getting PCs for the digital design group, he got all the stuff from newegg. THEY ROCK! Don't go to tiger - if they send you the wrong thing, they are not very good about taking it back. Or so I have heard.

Tiger Direct computers suck. they're okay when you first get them, but they're made out of cheap no-name parts. i've had especially bad luck with the power supplies in Tiger Direct machines... and you might recall that i mentioned a computer where one of the minor components on the mobo suddenly glowed bright orange and went up in a puff of smoke? that was a Tiger Direct mobo.

Are you at all experienced with custom builds? If so, I can make you up a shopping list, just give me your budget, I'm pretty good at picking out parts. Tell me what you want your system to do, what kind of case you want, and off I'll go. :)

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