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That was interesting...
We just got home from Bound For Glory, and as we are headed from car to door we hear police sirens. It happens occasionally, especially as we live about 3 blocks from the police station, 3 doors from a commercial ambulance company, and 300 feet from a fire station. So we don't think much of the sirens.

Then a car comes down the street, fast, noisy, and throwing off smoke. Wow, he's going somewhere. Then, just a few seconds later, the cop car, lights flashing, the loud siren going, tears past us going fast as well. I see the cop take a right onto the 1-way street at the end of the block.

Then the smoke from the first car hits us. Skitten says he's burning rubber; it smells horrible, choking, very sulfurous.. There was no skidding involved, so I suspect he had blown a tire and was burning up the remnants of the tire by still driving on it. That would also explain the noise.

The cop is now a block away, turning back onto our street, coming towards us. I see stinky-car still in the lead, heading for the intersection at the end of the block. He turns right onto the 1-way street, this time going the wrong way. Of course, the cop car follows him.

That's the last I saw of those two cars. We hung out a bit longer, I trying to judge where they were by the sirens (complicated by seeing two other cop cars with sirens running heading down the street in their general direction), and skitten trying to get me inside before the stinky-car heads back down this block and jumps the sidewalk at us.

Now I'm curious... what's the story? I'm sure that the charges drawn up will include resisting arrest, speeding, reckless driving, going the wrong way down a one-way street, and.... whatever he was fleeing from.

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do any of your local newspapers have websites that they actually update? (i tried to find an obituary for squeektoy42's grandmother in the Rome newspapers, with complete lack of success.)

Update, yes. Have useful information on the other hand....

The news stories for today on IthacaJournal.com are about the Chili Festival on Saturday, a Gospel festival at Cornell, the City renegotiating a lease with a local live theater, a story on how the stimulus bill will effect local schools, a local benefit for a family that lost their home in a fire a month ago, etc.

No mention yet of a high-speed chase through city streets last night.

yep, that's a pretty useless excuse for an online newspaper.

it looks as if they're pulling almost all their "news" off of various regional and national feeds - why else would they be reporting on a police officer killed in a traffic accident on Long Island, but not a local police action? (and their web design is visually depressing.)

i guess you're just going to have to rely on neighborhood gossip...

Sometimes they don't show up for a day or more, and even then, it may only be a tiny paragraph in the "Police Blotter" section of the paper, if the Ithaca Urinal still has one. (No, not a big fan of that paper - how'd you guess? :) )

Ive seen that in our own newspaper down in New Jersey. Car blazes past, tires squealing, and all I see about it a day or two later was "Blah was arrested for running from the police" under a listing of the town it happened in.

The Newark Star-Ledger is reasonably okay online, but the Asbury Park Press is useless.

(I live in New Jersey, too, and I think we've met...)

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kinsfire said:
I know you're on the ******** list. I used to be there until that little blowup a couple *********s ago. I removed myself since I've yet to be able to actually make it to one. (Worst time of the year for me to make it, unfortunately.)

Wish I was back on the list, but as a non-attendee (so far), I don't have the right to ask to join, even as an old member.

I prefer to honor the desire of the organizers to keep the event out of public eye. As such, it's considered bad form to mention it by name in public fora. I've fixed it for you.

There are any number of euphemisms for That Event ;-)

I was going to say to kinsfire that, although I'm positive I've met him, I can't manage to put a face to the name, and would he please give me a gentle reminder of who he is?

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