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Test results back....
As part of my recent physical, I asked the doctor to run blood tests for STDs[1] as well, just to be sure.

I specifically asked for separate titers for HSV-1 and HSV-2 because (a) I have reoccurring oral cold sores, which are typically caused by HSV-1 (and sometimes HSV-2), and (b) not all tests distinguish between HSV-1 and HSV-2. He also did (two) tests for HIV and a test for Hep-C.

The results were as I expected. I have antibodies to HSV-1, but are clear of HSV-2, HIV, and HepC. As far as the HSV-1 goes, I'm in good company. Wikipedia cites a study which shows that about 68% of US adults have it.

Effectively, I'm "clean", with caveats regarding the HSV-1. I can't give it to anyone who has it, and I can't get it anywhere else besides orally.

[1] An STD is a disease caused by an infectious agent so weak that only intimate contact will spread it. We don't call the common cold or influenza an STD even though they can be sexually transmitted.