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Joss Whedon's Dollhouse is supposed to start tonight. I'm interested.

The trouble is... I don't get Fox TV. I don't have cable, and there is no reception in my town. I'm also going to be out of town this weekend. I know Fox appears to be streaming it, but when I tried to watch the making of stuff streamed I was getting something like 5fps.

What I'd really like is some way, preferably legal, to download it and watch it from my HD.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

(BTW, I suck at finding stuff on via BitTorrent; I don't even know where to look).

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In about 30 hours, this link should reveal some useful torrents.

FOX 68 WSYT broadcasts in Ithaca on a translator at channel 16. Have you tried receiving that local signal with an antenna?

I've not tried it. I can't pick it up, even vaguely, without an antenna.

I'll follow that link probably Sunday night.

We can get it with an indoor antenna at our place. Of course, we'll be SOL come Monday. I'm not going to spend $50 on a digital converter for one channel - assuming we even get the digital signal in Ithaca.

Didn't the conversion date get rolled back to June?

WSYT is switching over on Feb 17th anyway. The conversion roll back just means stations are not required to stop their analog signal in February... but they are not required to maintain it, either.

it's probably gonna be on hulu.com

yes - tomorrow morning go to FOX.com and click on "watch shows online" Then click on the show you want to watch (in this case Dollhouse)
Its how I watch Bones now that its opposite everything.

...And like I said, when I tried to watch the "making of" bit that was up on the Fox site, I got about 5 frames/sec, which is piss-poor and not suitable for watching a Joss Whedon show.

sorry must have missed that part while reading it. never tried a behind the scenes feature - so don't know if they run differntly then the online shows. I usually don't have a problem watching Bones online though.

Amazon will be carrying it, I think.

I could download it from my DVR and put it somewhere you could grab it. Since the commercials are in tact, it should be quite legal.

That would work. Email me directly and we will coordinate. Thanks.

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