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While I lost access to my AIM account at work a couple of weeks ago, (thus leading to the creation of a new AIM account), I never lost it from home.

Now it's working at work again. Go figure.

If you want me on AIM, my AIM name is my real first name, my first middle initial M, and my real last name. My real name is available in my profile.

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I saw you on AiM a few times since your last post about this and thought you had recovered the password. If you hadn't, and you weren't at home then, your account may have been hacked, since you were visible online.


I rarely actually sign off of IM services.. Then again, I rarely actually sign on to IM services. So I might be on for weeks, mostly inactive, and then be off for a few days because I had to restart my machine or something.

perhaps you should create a new account like BuddhaMD?

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