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Slow day at work.
I've got to print out a bunch of docs I've been working on in Visio. Visio is being very slow in how it's handling the printer.

As in...

1) Click "print".
2) Read Google Reader, Email, LJ, etc, until...
3) ...the print dialog box comes up. Click "properties"
4) read Google Reader, Email, LJ, etc, until...
5) ...the print properties dialog box comes up.
6) Select tabloid paper from the 2nd tab of the dialog, and click OK
7) Type more of this entry while waiting for...
8) ...the print dialog to get focus again. Click "current page", then OK.
9) Finish this entry.
10) Go get printout, and repeat.

It's taken at least 15 minutes to print the page. I'm not ready to go to step 10 yet.

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not an enviable position *lol*
otoh you do have a job &you are getting paid

I have used Visio for ages without seeing this problem. Arooooo!

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