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Stephen Fry podgram

I'm listening to Stephen Fry's 'podgram', and I'm finding it delightful. The most recent one is on Language, but I'm listening to back ones as well.

I love how, in a speech to a parliamentary committee, he described himself (and his relationship with the BBC) as a member of the "Oxbridge Cosa Nostra, the gay Cozy Nostra, the Jewish Kosher Nostra". He really is a great entertaining writer/orator.

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"Podgrsm" is a fun typo. I assumed it was a typo for "podgasm" until I started reading.

And, I don't get "Oxbridge Costra Nostra," but I thought the other two puns were hilarious!

Earlier in that particular piece he was describing the history of the BBC and talked about how it had been build with an Oxbridge sensibility, and many of the important people in the BBC had come from Oxbridge. Hence the "Oxbridge Cosa Nostra", which I misspelled above.

I'll fix the typos after I after I hit "Post Comment".

Ahh, I was assuming it was another play on "Cosa Nostra" that meant something in that context. Thanks. :-)

He also has a Twitter page you might be interested in following -- it's very entertaining.


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