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Party like it's
I just noticed that the current b'ak'tun is ending right around the winter solstice 3 4 years from now. Anyone want to schedule a party to celebrate? It's a once-in-394-year opportunity!

Unfortunately, it's a Thursday. The next b'ak'tun starts that Friday, as well as the solstice (at 11:11 UTC).

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If the world is still here in 4 years. :P
Well, it'll be I guess, but every crazy seems to think that we won't. *sigh*

Between the super-religious nuts and the "OMFG2012!" nuts, I'm going to need some major sedatives by the end of 2011. ^^;;;;


Huh? A "The World is Round" reference?

no idea what you're talking about & I'm too grumpy to care...
good night :(

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