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Desktops and wallpaper.
Talk about mixed metaphors... The central aspect of a typical modern GUI interface is the "desktop", where things live unless they are contained in a "window". The image displayed on the desktop, visible unless icons or windows obscure it, is called "wallpaper".

So your desktop has wallpaper and windows. Weird desktop, if you ask me.

At work, I've got two monitors, both about 17", and on the left one I've got a window maximized, and on the right one I've got a different window maximized. Usually, when I'm at home, I've got a window maximized. I'm trying to accomplish a task in the application I'm using now, so I don't want to waste any screen real estate.

With windows maximized all the time, I rarely see the wallpaper I choose. As such, it's just not important to me. Even when I don't have at least one window maximized, I usually have multiple windows per monitor open

But I see a lot of postings on Life Hacker and other sites which talk about really tricked out desktops, wallpaper designed to span multiple monitors, etc.

Am I unusual in using maximized windows all the time? Do most people really look at their wallpaper?

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I love my computer wallpaper, and I only change mine when I run across something I like more. ^^; It usually take many many months for this to happen. :P Mine has been the same since sometime during the summer.

I usually have my windows maximized unless it's AIM, or I'm writing a paper and logged into IM at the same time. So unless I'm only on AIM, if I'm working at my computer I usually don't see my wallpaper.

However, I do keep my computer open and my windows minimized if I'm not working at my computer but keeping it on anyway. ^^;; Soooo I actually see quite a bit of my wallpaper.

I may be an anomaly though.

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