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Horology -- first annoyance at the iPhone.
One problem I had with my last phone was that the clock, while presumably accurately synced to the Cell network, would only display to the minute. Since I'm a precision nut when it comes to time, I'd like it to be at least 60 times as precise -- as well as accurate.

The iPhone doesn't have the same problem. Not only can I get a free application for it which will display the time in seconds, but between a network connection capable of doing NTP, access to the same cell network my old phone used, and (supposedly) a GPS receiver, there is plenty of sources for precise and accurate time. The GPS alone should get subsecond accurate time for GPS calculations.

So why, when compared to my home machine which is synched to 1.us.pool.ntp.org, is my iPhone 5 seconds slow?

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whaps you with a wet noodle

Dude, time to get fixated on something a bit more important.

One of the things I do as a hobby is help engineer a weekly live radio broadcast (currently on hiatus because it's broadcast from a college campus, on break). Although exact timing isn't critical, I'd like our clocks to be more accurate than 5 seconds.

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