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A direct request
bloodsong1, aylinn, kinnerc, kenshardik, sheherazahde, cyberjunkie, tigira, zimarra, loveotter, anarchist_nomad, cardxiv, chezelliott, heptadecagram, badmagic, jccohen, jcgbigler,leiacat, page_of_swords, skitten, gordon92151... and any others who I may have left off due to the list getting too long as it is...

Call me. I don't have your numbers anymore. I need to rebuild my network.

My number is in the previous (friends-locked) post.

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Two Ls two Ts. The cat doesn't like it when you spell it wrong.
I will call tomorrow at a civilized hour. I never know when "normal" people are awake.

*lol* you're normal hon- Just "uniquely normal" ;)
Looking frward to seeing you guys at Imbolc! :) *hug*

I'll just comment to your last entry. :)

I don't get a mention? Is it because I'm overseas? Well, if you need, my number is in a friends entry in my LJ in mid November, both a stateside and Japanese for your convenience.

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