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Restarting an old plan... 500 words, more or less

Back in 2002 I tried writing stories on LJ of length 500 words, more or less. As ideas are hard for me to come by, I asked people for elements: a couple of characters, a setting, and the plot conflict. I would then write a story of 500 words, more ore less. It was an exercise in creative writing, and as a way to get me writing more in general.

Most, if not all, of the stories I wrote are available on LJ in my fiction tag. I encourage people to go read and comment.

A couple of the stories garnered comments that they were good enough to be published. That seems like a reasonable goal to aim for. So I'd like to try 500 words, more or less, again, with a couple of changes.

  • The posts won't be public. If I want to get paid for anything that comes out of it, I've got to preserve pre-publication distribution. As such, things will go to a friends filter.
  • If you want to read them, ask to be on that filter, just ask, but also give me a story idea, consisting of characters, a setting, and a conflict. You are also asked to give constructive feedback to stories I write. Not all the time, but often enough that I can improve in my writing. I'll write you a story for it.
  • The story idea format will end up looking something like:

    Two coworkers, a husband, and a mistress
    A restaurant
    discovery, betrayal

    That was the "story idea" behind the first story I posted, "The Review". The husband turned into a fiancee in the writing, but I don't think that changed the idea very much.

    So, who's in?

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    go you hon! *shakes pom poms in your drection*
    btw: plesae remindme of what I 'm siupposed to get in wegman's
    & dud you get eva to pick you up?

    Salad, garlic bread, and a story idea.

    I'll contact Eva now.

    ok- hmm a story idea huh? what about wheatabix? ;)

    Sure, wheatabix as well, I guess.

    But I still want you to give me a story idea.

    did that :) If I think of anymore I'll let you know

    hmmmm are there poly ppl involved? then there could be lots of interesting twist & turns....especially in the betrayals bit

    i'm game...

    a pilot, a stewardess, a priest, a pregnant teenager

    coach seating on the plane

    the two passengers reservations have them sitting next to each other on a full flight.

    given the situation, of a priest sitting next to a pregnant teen, could lead to interesting conflict if it is a strict, older priest, in itself.

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