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Change of plans....
Old plan: Pack stuff in car for yule vigil in Binghamton tonight. Make a Mac&Cheese for the Solstice gathering at Phil's. Leave here at 5:30pm to go to Phil's by 6pm. Stay there until 9ish, then head down to Binghamton.

Intervening issue: While I was heating water for the Mac portion of the Mac&Cheese, the sink broke.

New plan: Pack stuff in car now (done), leave now and swing by Lowe's with bit of broken plumbing kit, get replacement parts. Swing by Wegman's, get bread/cheese or something equally noshy for Phil's gathering, still get there by 6, still leave by 9, still vigil in BInghamton. Fix sink when we get home.

In the mean time, the kitchen sink is unusable.

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