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Nearing the end of consumer debt.
While there are probably some miscellaneous stuff I've forgotten (but should find out about so I can deal with it), I'm near to eliminating my credit card and auto loan debt. I'm about 4 payments away from the CC, and between 2 and 3 payments away from the car -- and these are biweekly payments. I'm probably going to do some juggling so that the car debt is gone by years end and then I'll put what I would have paid on the car towards the CC and get it taken care of by the 9th or so.

Then the money currently going towards the old car (long gone, unfortunately) will be saved for the next car. Or maybe not saved that much. I'm wondering how desperate the used car dealers are these days.

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Congratulations! It can be deadly hard to climb out from under debt, and I commend you for doing so.

I am very proud of you.

...sounds great...it used to be that saving the money got interest towards the new car, but yeah, might be worth talking to some used car dealers and seeing what they want...no obligation, although the Dave Ramsay book I am reading tells how desparate they were even then (1992/5) to make sales...

so happy birthday to me- Bu will be debt free! :)

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