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Bohemian Rhapsody Day
According to anarchist_nomad, today is Bohemian Rhapsody Day, where the appropriate celebration is to listen to the song a dozen times.

I'm on listen #1 right now.

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Freddie Mercury passed away 17 years ago yesterday so I think its a great way to remember him (I'm on listen #4 right now)

you kbow.. I love te song but there's only so many times in a row that's reasonable to listen to it *lol*

take a look at the twelve different versions i posted links to in anarchist_nomad's LJ ;-)

I notced them & I studiously ignored them (not that my computer is capable of playing them *sigh* but Bu forced a particularly dorky & disturbing version on HIS computer by a folk musician so I did not escape the punishment *lol*

would that be the Rolf Harris version? (i like Rolf Harris.)

(Deleted comment)
*lol* does it make you feel like a powerful influence on the state side of things? ;)

(Deleted comment)
a poor attempt at teasing you for having International Influence? :)

why not a queen day ? so tyhat they can only play queen all day? that seems more fitting...

I agree...lots of different Queen songs instead of just one. :)

I didn't come up with the tradition...

albeit one of their most powerful & lonnnnnnnnng songs :)

for my sanity- would you please correct the misspelling in your journal title please?

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