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Tonight I made Rachael Ray's Reuben Mac&Cheese, which is a fairly typical Mac&Cheese recipe, except it called for Swiss, Gruyere, and Cheddar instead of just Cheddar, rye bread crumbs as a topping, and corned beef and sauerkraut mixed in.

Obviously I made some substitutions: I used Barbeque-flavored seitan instead of corned beef, radamer instead of Gruyere, and rye croutons made from a "country rye" instead of rye crumbs made from Jewish Rye, and macaroni instead of a specialty noodle I couldn't find in the store.

It came out well. skitten didn't think she'd like it -- she doesn't like Swiss cheese (and I don't think she'd like the radamer, either, as it tasted somewhat like a cross between an Emmental and a German beer cheese), mustard, or sauerkraut, all ingredients in the dish. However, she decided to sample it, and have 2nds and 3rds. sheherazahde and I finished off about 2/3s of the recipe, and I have the remainder in the fridge for lunch (and possibly dinner) tomorrow.

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I'm not sure why I liked it- perhas al that yucky stuff cancelled each other out? I don't know.. I prefer mild tasting stuff & it was mild enough.. plus the croutons were really yummy :)

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