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Lever machines.
As I mentioned in my last posting, I used a lever voting machine for probably the last time today. The machines are somewhat old, no longer being made, parts are running out (old machines are being cannibalized for parts). They are hard for the disabled to use, yadda yadda yadda.

In any event, I think they are neat devices, and I'd love to know how they work. I've been unable to find manuals, service guides, patents, etc on the 'net, but perhaps I don't know where to look.

Anybody got better search-fu than I?

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I suspect the reason why there isn't an abundance of information readily available is because there would be a greater possibility of not so scrupulous folks tampering with them had they had such access.

Now I am sure the information exists. I'm just supposing that the government won't make it easy for you to retrieve. I also imagine that sites like that would be flagged.

But I could just be a conspiracy theorist.

Once they're completely out of use here, you might be able to buy one cheap :-)

I have to admit, I do miss the reassuring tik, tik, tik, ka-CHUNK of the NY voting machines.

touch screens just don't have the same OOMPH.

we had the levers here. I'm going to miss them too.

But dude...nobody has better Search Fu than you. When I ask for help for finding things, I'm always certain it's going to be you that finds it, whatever it is, and however obscure, because you're amazing.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong...I DO search, and I DO use quotes for certain things, and I seem to be able to pick out key words and phrases for my searching, but I'm just...not...as good...as...you.

Ooof! I bow before your superior Fu!

sheherazahde tends to have better google-fu than I do.

I was able to do a patent search for "voting machines", but there are a lot and I'm not sure which ones are used in the lever voting machines we all know an love.

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