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This was the last time I got to use the lever machines. They are being phased out, and will no longer be used in future elections. Next time, it's by a ballot marking device.

I selected the electors for Obama and Biden, on the "Working Family" party line. I have been assured in the past that when candidates are on multiple party lines, all the votes across the parties get summed. As such, I'll preferentially vote on 3rd party lines rather than on the Democratic/Republican lines.

I selected Maurice Hinchey as my congresscritter. I'm not of mixed minds about it -- I like Hinchey and am happy he's in Congress. I just wish he wasn't my congresscritter. If you look at a map of my district</a> you'll see that the bulk of it is in the Catskills, and there is a long tendril which extends west along the NY/PA border, and then north to Ithaca. To me, it looks gerrymandered for the purpose of giving Ithaca a Democratic representative. It's my hope that the 2010 Census will lead to a non-gerrymandered district for me. I voted his endorsement by the Working Families Party.

George Winner(R) has been my State Senator for a long time. I've nothing against him, nor do I have anything for him. Still, it's probably time for a change, so I went with his Democratic opponent, whom I also have nothing for or against. Working Families didn't endorse anyone, so I voted Democratic Party.

My State Assemblyman is Barbara Lifton. She ran unopposed. I've no reason to vote against her. So I voted for her, as a Working Family candidate.

The only ballot proposition was a proposed amendment to the NYS Constitution concerning the Civil Service System. I voted to allow VA-certified disabled vets who aren't receiving disability payments to get a bonus on Civil Service tests. Currently, until and unless modified, disabled vets have to be receiving disability payments from the VA to get the disabled vet bonus points.

So, did you vote?

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ah okey then
Do you know why they want a balance of party affiliation in the volunteers?

To help prevent fraud. If a ballot place is watched over by only Democrats or Republicans there could be the appearance of fraud on the part of the election officials.

On the other hand, it is unlikely that both D and R partisans will want to skew the election, even unintentionally, in the same direction. The Ds are watching the Rs for fraud, and vice versa. As such, everyone is watching to keep someone from cheating, so the chance of cheating is lower.


First off, election inspectors have to be registered in one of the two parties that hold the majority seats in congress (to my rusty memory). That's why you have to be registered as a republican or democrat.

Second, there needs to be a balance, usually 2D and 2R at once. Then when they go for meals, or to the bathroom, etc., there is at least 1D and 1R at the polling site at any given time. If this is not the case, the polling site cannot be open, as well, it could be viewed as biased.

Third, if someone needs assistance in the voting booths (this is specifically for levered ones, as I don't know anything about the new electronic ones, and I learned on levers and used a lever one today) 1 D and 1 R have to be in the voting booth with the person together, again, so there is no bias/influence.

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