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A while back when kinnerc was on the road from Groton to Sommerville driving a (nominal) 25' truck loaded with the majority of his worldly possessions I signed up to Twitter for the purpose of tracking his twits (er, is that the right term?) to see that he made it safely. Since then, I have done nothing with Twitter, having a total of 0 updates, and following only one person (kinnerc) whom I rarely check (he automagically crossposts his twits to LJ as well, so I see no real need to watch him.

I've picked up 5 followers. All of whom follow my LJ. Surely they've noticed the lack of twits from me.

Just so you know... it's likely to remain fairly quiet on the twitter front.

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I know this only because -- actually, I don't know why I know it, since I don't use Twitter.

I know. I didn't come up with the names; I just have heard them enough that I know them.

Tweeter was the name of my cat.


I apparently "started following" you because it found you in my e-mail list.

*lol*- I'm not such a bug fan of twitter - it feels a bit like the slow downfall of livejournal

I have Twitter too, but mine is f-locked, so it doesn't do the LJ autoposting.


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