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Looking for iTunes 7.6
skitten's computer is running MacOS 10.3.9, and the installed version of iTunes is 4. I want her to be able to download podcasts to her machine. iTunes 4 won't do what I want (or at least, I haven't figured out how).

I know iTunes 7.6 will run on her machine. It's the last version that supports MacOS 10.3.9. I know it'll handle subscribing to podcasts like the ones she wants to listen to.

However, I can't download it. Doing a search for iTunes 7.6, I get iTunes 7.6 for Mac on the Apple site. Unfortunately, the download link redirects to the main iTunes page, giving me an option to download 8.01. The same happens for every site I go to for 7.6.

Does anyone have any idea how i can get 7.6 on her machine?

Update Thanks to cyberjunkie and kenshardik I got a copy of the installer. For some reason it wouldn't download to her machine, but it would to mine and USB flash drives are handy. It's now installed, running fine, and I've subscribed her to the podcast we listened to this evening. I'm sure she'll talk all about it on one of her less public LJ accounts.

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I've been to the first link; they don't do downloads of older versions of iTunes.

THe 2nd seems to be working, for now.

The software update panel in system prefs should get it for you, or at least the newest one that the system will run. It does check for system compatability. It won't help if you don't want the newest one that will run on the system though.

The software update panel suggested a lot of updates, but not to iTunes.

Weird, I thought that was how I got it. I also run 10.3.9

I suspect that if I had tried to upgrade it before Apple discontinued it's support of 7.6 it would have been available there.

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