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License suspension understood.
On 2/9/2005 (and I think that's 2nd Sept, not 9th Feb) I was stopped on Cornell Campus for not wearing my seatbelt. It took the City until May this year to get around to suspending my license for not doing anything about it.

In order to deal with it, I need to go to the City Court and plead the ticket. There's some annoying fees, but it's not too bad.

There's a $35 suspension fee that has to be paid before they can even take my plea. Once the $35 is paid and the plea is recorded, they will lift my suspension. I have three choices for pleading: I can (a) plead guilty, pay a fine (of up to $50) and a $50 surcharge; I can (b) plead not guilty, and go to a non-jury court date; or I can (c) talk to the DA to see if some sort of deal can be made.

I remember the traffic stop. The officer in question was looking for seat-belt offenders. He was parked in front of the Engineering library and standing at one of the major intersections on campus. This wasn't a lucky find, this was his job that day. I wasn't the only one snagged. I'm sure he has copious notes. As the saying goes, "It's a fair cop". My only hope of succeeding in trial is if the officer can't make it. In the mean time, it'll cost me time and effort. I'm not pleading innocent.

On Friday, I'll go there at lunch, pay the $35 fine, plead guilty, and if the judge isn't there they will send me a bill. If he/she is there, I can still have time to pay.

Then I'll try Ithaca Carshare again.

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glad you figured it out- cleaning is going ok-ish- I had to throw out nearly a dozen eggs that I was unsure of how long they had been left out.....deal with eva created recycling, poked a finger with some tiny almost-invisible glass shards,scrubbed the toilet seat, picked up a lot of peed upon stuff that used to be recycling....put some books to go upstairs on the stairwell... tried unsuccessfully to sweep......... lots more to do but I need a break.... you got something in the mail that feels suspiciously tshirt-like btw :) btw: please empty the food waste bin & the fully compost loaded dishes nearby it?

Pity... they were take out of the fridge this morning. Sorry I didn't put them back.

I thought maybe it was from last night since you usually use more than one egg & I grabbed one egg last night for dinner- I thoiught my memory of just taking the egg out without taking out the carton was wrong...

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