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Annoyance of the day.
I tried this past week to join Ithaca Carshare, mainly because they have a truck. We need a car often enough that the Carshare wouldn't be helpful, but we do have occasional need for a truck.

I found out today that they won't/can't let me join right now because my drivers license is suspended.

I did not know my license was suspended. If I had even thought my license was suspended, I'd have done something about it -- not applied to join a car-based organization. I do not know why my license is suspended. According to the Carshare guy, the rest of the driving record is clean, and there's no notation of a violation attached to the suspension. He also says I'm not the first person who's had an unknown suspension, and at least one other person had a spurious suspension.

The report says the suspension is for failure to answer a summons -- an unanswered ticket, in other words. I haven't been stopped in years. I don't know of any outstanding tickets, or why any would work its way to a suspension in May (yes, I've been driving on a suspended license unknowingly since May).

I went to the DMV; it's with the City of Ithaca, and they gave me a ticket number. Of course the City of Ithaca courts are open until 4pm and I got the info to call them at 4:25pm. And of course, they are closed weekends, and probably Columbus day as well. So the earliest I can find out what this is about is Tuesday.

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In the city of New York God's driver's license has been revoked due to his failure to appear when summoned. First I thought it was god who did the summoning. The said part it is true if you look up the records.

Good luck on Tuesday and yes since it is a fed holiday the courts even state courts will be closed in NY. I know this the hard way.


I think I drove on a suspended license for two years at one point. I even got stopped during that period with no problem. Only found out about it when I went to renew the license.

It's got to be old parking tickets at Cornell honey- I'm *sure* of it....

Cornell parking tickets

Unless things have changed radically with respect to Cornell's ticketing system, that's not the reason. Cornell is private property, and their parking tickets are privately issued. I worked for the campus parking division and also for the campus police for five years. We had people who racked up thousands and thousands of dollars of fines (and this was a number of years ago), and there was no connection to their NYS (or other state) driver's license validity. The only way the university could actually recoup outstanding parking fines was to Denver boot or tow the car to a specific impound lot that would hold the car until the fines were paid.
I had my license suspended when I had an accident and the police department (Ithaca Police) did not correctly enter my insurance code in the accident report. The DMV assumed that I had had an uninsured motor vehicle accident and suspended my license. The suspension notice was sent to my previous address. The reason the DMV didn't have my correct address was that I had filed a change of address form with them almost immediately after the accident. Because my license was suspended, the address change could not be made, so they sent the notification of suspension to somewhere I didn't live anymore. Because my forwarding order was expired, it was returned to the DMV. I didn't find out about it for a couple of years, until I went to renew my license. They told me I had to submit a letter from my insurance verifying that I actually did have valid insurance. I submitted a letter from my agent. Unfortunately, it required a letter from the insurance company, not an agent. The DMV sent me a letter to let me know that, but of course since they didn't have my correct address, you guessed it, I never got the letter. It took me three years and three trips to Albany to get it straightened out.
This could very well be due to a clerical error.

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