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Tonight's debate.
I'm not planning on watching tonight's debate, for a couple of reasons -- a major one being that I don't get cable or broadcast TV, so I'd have to watch it over the 'net, and that's painful enough to not do.

Of course, I also don't think that, for me, the debate is particularly useful. Given the stated positions, policies, history, past actions, and decisions of both candidates, I've already decided which candidate gets my support. It would take a virtual repudiation of the existing platforms and actions of both candidates to cause me to change my mind. This isn't going to happen -- and if it does, it will make so much news I will be hearing about it for weeks via other sources.

I'll leave an open question: What are you looking for in the debates? What would need to happen for them to be a deciding factor for your vote?

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Honestly, I want two things:
1. I want their position on trade. I'm very capitalistically inclined here, protectionism is a recipe for long term economic failure.

2. I want to see how they are willing to let the natural course of society take its place. I think we are trending towards better individual rights, regardless of race or sexual orientations, and that we are moving away from the 9-11 environment towards a long term engaged society. It's one thing to see red in the face of an attack, the bigger question is: OK, now how do we go forward? I've no faith in the NeoCon movement. Great for fighting a war, lousy for figuring out a peace. And the latter is a harder issue to attend to.

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