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Job opening at work.
If you want more info, or want my opinions, ask for them in comments, but here's the official posting (poorly formatted, sorry:

Position Summary
A PSD Programmer will contribute to the team, developing energy and
environmental modeling and analysis applications. A strong emphasis will be
placed upon continuous delivery of functional, robust and flexible code,
supporting customer requirements. Contribute effectively to frequent object oriented design discussions and be able to continually adjust to the changing
development goals.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Approximate % of time
C# Programming: 90
Development System Support: 5
Documentation: 5

Total 100%

Minimum Education and/or Experience:
2 – 4 years professional experience developing .NET applications, excellent skills with object oriented development

Preferred Education and/or Experience:
SQL experience, Windows UI design, WPF / XAML development

Physical Demands:
Extensive use of the computer requiring long periods of sitting and close visual concentration.

Work Environment:
Open office

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where is this job located?

Ithaca, NY

It's with my company, working on the same team as I, and we'd really like folks to be co-located. It's hard to shout "Is anyone working with ..." across state lines.

ah, okay - thanks. unfortunately, that means it's not something my husband would be interested in.

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