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Looking for registrar suggestions.
An organization I'm involved with is currently paying $30/year for a domain-name registration with redirect from one of the big-name DNS Registrars. They are getting their hosting from a local ISP, but the ISP wants to charge something like $10/month for a 2nd-level domain plus redirect.

It seems to me that $30/year is monopoly rents, and $10/month is just greedy (which our web master has told the owner of the local ISP). The web master is interested in finding a better price, but her search hasn't turned up anything.

I know there are some tech-savvy people on my friends-list; where would you suggest we/she look into?

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for general web hosting, i highly recommend DrakNet. they are woman-owned, pagan- and GLBTQ-friendly, and very professional. i have used them for several different projects, and i've never had anything but good things to say about them. and their lowest-tier business hosting package costs just $5.00 a month!

for domain names, they use Dotster - their usual price for a domain is $10.00 per year, but every now and then they have a sale, and i was able to pick up a domain or two for less than $7.00.

check both of them - i think you'll find something you can use.

Homer, the owner of the local ISP, is giving them their hosting for free because they are a local non-profit. They don't need hosting services.

Homer gives them a website address like www.lightlink.com/~myrkfaelinn (not the actual site, as I can't remember the actual site). They are paying $30/year for myrkfaelinn.org, with a redirect to their lightlink site. They would like to pay less than $30/year.

I'll pass on Dotster; it looks like they sell a package for about $22/year which will work, but it still seems high to me.

I use "godaddy.com" for my registrar. I paid 12.95.
They are very professional ... check em out ...
They also have cheap(ish) hosting if you find you need that at some later date.
Good Luck

I second godaddy.com as a good, easy registrar. Domain names are $8/year, plus an extra fee if you want to use their private registration service that obscures your contact info in the public databases. (Probably one of my biggest sources of spam.) There are usually 10%-20% discount coupon codes to be found on the web with a quick search.

I also have several domains remaining in register.com more out of inertia than anything else.

see NoDaddy for reasons why GoDaddy isn't necessarily such a good choice. (although NoDaddy is wrong about Dotster deluging its users with promotional spam. i get maybe one email a month from them.)

For low tech peeps like me ... doteasy.com?

Note, they call everyting "free" but it's actually $25 per year to register the domain. The website is real and not a redirect version.

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I get my domain registration from DynDNS. That's all I get from them, but their prices have always been decent.

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