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Unexpected total eclipse of the Sun!
OK, the science blogs have been saying for a couple of weeks now that tomorrow there is a total solar eclipse, visible in North America -- or at least, some narrow range of North America.

They have said it should be visible as a partial eclipse over most of North America. Because the totality bit is the really big deal, all the maps, charts, tables, stories, etc, all show it's band of totality, which is mostly in Europe, Asia, and China. Unfortunately, an orthographic projection map made to show the whole path of totality, especially the bits in Europe and China, doesn't show a lot of NA, and what it does show suffers from extreme distortion. I've not been able to find, despite looking, any clear information as to where, and when, it'll appear as a partial eclipse in North America.

All I want to know is when should I go out with a pinhole projector to watch it tomorrow. Does anyone have any idea how to find out? In time?

I've seen a few other solar eclipses, including one spectacular annular one in May 1994. I've never seen a total eclipse, nor do I expect to see one soon. The next one visible in the contiguous US is in 2017. But partials are good, too.

Update It appears that it isn't visible in the US at all. I found an amazing site in the UK, http://www.eclipse.org.uk/eclipse/0312008/, which, while it doesn't have a much better world map than any of the other sites, includes "local circumstances" for 607 locations where the Eclipse is visible. Not one of the locations is in the US; the closest being three Canadian locations (Iqaluit and Repulse Bay in Nunavut, and St. John's in Newfoundland).

The site also features selecting lists of eclipses by location or by Year.

Backtracking the other way, I looked for nearby locations, and this eclipse isn't listed at all.

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http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEplot/SEplot2001/SE2008Aug01T.GIF is a map centered on the point of greatest eclipse. NA is so distorted I can't make out state boundaries.

All the other eclipse stuff I've found on Nasa's site focuses on the path of totality.

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The final animation slide is from NASA, and I've seen it on a few other sites. As you put it, it's not too clear because of the angle they show the Earth, but it looks like it *might* be possible to see a partial from here.

Unfortunately, no new information.

Re: here's a better map, I think

It's good for showing the path of totality, but doesn't do very much for showing the area a partial is visible from. And I had found it before this posting.

Between the time the eclipse starts and the angle, practically and virtually nothing of it will be visible in NYS. The northern portion of Maine will be the only state that will see anything of the partial, and then only for a few minutes.

Or else you would have known about this eclipse from me. :-)

Also, the corresponding lunar eclipse on 16 August, we will only see the moon just as it leaves the Penumbra, nothing with the Moon in the Umbra at all.

Sorry I was out. I was helping Sue move, and then moved right into showing Darrowby House

hooray! so she's not with evan anymore? she must be psyched :)

Actually, Sue will never be pyched about not being with Evan. That's always been part of the problem. :-\

really? the last time we saw her she was dying to get the heck out of dodge...

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