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I shoulda checked the laundry when I woke up...
The dryer needs to run for another hour or so, and all my work pants are in it.

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The moral of the story is, don't put all your pants in one laundry basket.

a basket?
he uses a basket? *looks for where he hid the basket*

I've no idea, just seemed like a good rephrase of the adage.

btw- since you ddn't reply to my enail question- I've nade the following decisiob- I'm going to walk to your office and get there by 5:15 & we're going to walk home together.

I think I plan to do that today as well... see you at 5ish in your office

ermm I was attacked by the exhaustion slug- not going there & not even going t o the jam- probably going to bed early.. sorry about that...

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