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Looking for ketchup commercial
I remember years ago seeing a bizarre ketchup commercial on TV.

The commercial was set in a diner, with a waitress telling a story to the camera while diners ate food in the background. The waitress talked about a particular regular (seen behind her, eating) who came in every morning and ordered a plate of eggs, which he ate with ketchup. One day, the diner switched brands of ketchup, and when the eggs-with-ketchup guy came in, he ordered a plate of eggs, and didn't put ketchup on them -- something the waitress noticed. Because of this, they switched back to their regular ketchup, which we can see being put on eggs in the background of the shot.

It was probably for Heinz, as that is the major brand of ketchup used in diners.

Does anyone else remember the commercial? Better yet, does anyone have a youtube link to it? Can anyone recommend a better forum for asking about this?