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Clearing tabs....
Apparently, you can use user styles in Firefox 3. And Lifehacker.com wants to yell you how.

A fan-site can tell you the results of every myth tested on Mythbusters

In case you wanted to know, there's a site out there which tells you why it's important that PARITY ∉ AC0. With luck, I'll understand, after reading it, what PARITY and AC0 are.

Linux Gazzette is offering A slightly advanced introduction to VIM

Woodworking Magazine has a review of Charles Hayward's book Carpentry for Beginners, long out of print.

Physorg has a press story about an experiment which determined that intermolecular interactions don't quite happen the way we expect them to.

Eric A Burns wrote a delightful short story last year called "Mythology of the Modern World: Why do some people stay on the train past the end of the line?". It's good, I recommend it.

The same train of though which lead me to Eric Burn's story also lead me to an article by Henry Baker entitled "CONS Should Not CONS Its Arguments, Part II: Cheney on the M.T.A.", which has nothing to do with Dick Cheney or the M.T.A. It's about translating Scheme to C in such a way that all function calls "never return".

John Dean III talks about Barack Obama's pledge to “work to remove [the Telecom retroactive immunity] provision so that we can seek full accountability for past offenses.”.

Edward Lazarus talks about Barack Obama's jurisprudence policy towards SCOTUS Justices.

Henry Baker's paper above was "Part II". My tabs also have CONS Should not CONS its Arguments, or, a Lazy Alloc is a Smart Alloc, which is "Part I".

I haven't read all of the above yet, but at least I can close off those tabs. And a few others I was done with and didn't feel the need to mention.

I also have a couple of tabs open to stuff relating to what the Greek astronomers knew, and how they knew it (and how we know they knew it). This will be the topic of the sequel to the "Astrology" posting of a week or two ago.