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I'm disappointed.
A couple of days ago I posted a long entry on early astronomy entitled "It all began with astrology". I ended it by saying I would continue if there was positive response. I even gave it a provocative title and cut-tag text designed to annoy at least one person to read it and comment.

I have gotten no comments on it. Nobody cared enough about my writing to say one thing, good or bad, about it. What's up?

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I refused to rise to THAT bait as well. Intelligent Design, my left foot.

I will admit to observational bias towards Mercury retrograde - much like the observational bias you mentioned concerning EMS/ER workers & the full moon. I do work in tech support after all. In my own defense - while I always see "bad stuff" I tend to see BIGGER "bad stuff" during the retrogrades. i.e. a server outage that normally affects one center seems to affect ALL the centers during mercury retro.

but that's me. and I've already admitted I'm superstitious and a firm believer in the Great Deity known as Murphy.

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