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I'm disappointed.
A couple of days ago I posted a long entry on early astronomy entitled "It all began with astrology". I ended it by saying I would continue if there was positive response. I even gave it a provocative title and cut-tag text designed to annoy at least one person to read it and comment.

I have gotten no comments on it. Nobody cared enough about my writing to say one thing, good or bad, about it. What's up?

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I read it.

I didn't say anything because I didn't think there was anything TO be said -- it came across as a regurgitation of "The History of Astronomy" as done by the Hayden Planetarium in one of its sky-shows. I think most of your f-list knows most of this already, to be honest, so I couldn't figure out why you were writing this.

I've also been very sick the past few weeks and have spent most of my time recently coughing up a lung and being drugged up to my eyebrows on cough-syrup, so I wasn't sure that anything I wrote would be coherent. (I'm not sure this is either . . .)

So there you have it. (For good or ill.)


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