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I'm disappointed.
A couple of days ago I posted a long entry on early astronomy entitled "It all began with astrology". I ended it by saying I would continue if there was positive response. I even gave it a provocative title and cut-tag text designed to annoy at least one person to read it and comment.

I have gotten no comments on it. Nobody cared enough about my writing to say one thing, good or bad, about it. What's up?

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I've been kind of frazzled this past week: my office is moving tomorrow and I'll be out of town most of next week. So I'm pretty much just skimming entries and hoping for the best. I'm sorry that I missed yours.

I've been traveling for work, and haven't even looked at anything from a few days ago.
Even if I was, most things are done on scan mode when I'm trying to catch up like this.


Didn't mean to hurt your feelings...

I'll try to read it tonight?

since he hardly ever writes & I get nagged for not reading his I decided to use the "track" function ;) (the one that looks like a thumb tack :)

I read it.

I didn't say anything because I didn't think there was anything TO be said -- it came across as a regurgitation of "The History of Astronomy" as done by the Hayden Planetarium in one of its sky-shows. I think most of your f-list knows most of this already, to be honest, so I couldn't figure out why you were writing this.

I've also been very sick the past few weeks and have spent most of my time recently coughing up a lung and being drugged up to my eyebrows on cough-syrup, so I wasn't sure that anything I wrote would be coherent. (I'm not sure this is either . . .)

So there you have it. (For good or ill.)


Um, I thought it was a link to an article, so I didn't look at it until today.



Sorry my brain is out to lunch this week and next week due to proctoring final exams. Plus I can't remember shit since I became pregnant. My friends who are moms tell me it lasts until they hit 18. Must have something to do with preserving the species.

There wasn't anything about it to comment on. And your cut tag title didn't relate to the text at all.

We all know Astronomy started with astrology and agriculture. We all know that humans are hardwired to recognize patters, even patterns that aren't there. We now know that - and a whole host of other things - make astrology a crock of shit.

You didn't say anything new, and you didn't say anything provocative. You didn't even state any opinions, per se.

You only got one thing wrong:

>but that we can only see half each night due to the sun.

We can actually see about 85-90% of the sky at night.

I was actually going to mention that, but it was such a small thing I decided to pass.

I was expecting you to possibly jump on the "ancients saw 9 planets" bit.

So you are saying that I'm saying nothing new, that everyone on my friends list knows all this stuff, and there is no benefit to my writing it or continuing it?

Actually, it isn't a small thing, and I would have appreciated that correction.

_I_ glanced at it.

I figured you were aiming at me in response to the mercury retro comment in my firefox post & refused to rise to the bait.

I did not glance at it too fully as a result I admit.

It was inspired by it, but not directly related to it. The Hobbit already told me that baiting you would be bad.


I refused to rise to THAT bait as well. Intelligent Design, my left foot.

I will admit to observational bias towards Mercury retrograde - much like the observational bias you mentioned concerning EMS/ER workers & the full moon. I do work in tech support after all. In my own defense - while I always see "bad stuff" I tend to see BIGGER "bad stuff" during the retrogrades. i.e. a server outage that normally affects one center seems to affect ALL the centers during mercury retro.

but that's me. and I've already admitted I'm superstitious and a firm believer in the Great Deity known as Murphy.

i must have had a Senior Moment - i don't recall seeing that entry at all :-(

but i would be interested in reading more!

I skimmed it and didn't feel competent to comment... I'm a little distracted, sorry.

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