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(no subject)
Within an hour of starting the download on my home machine, the entire 3.31B download is complete. Luckily, I brought home a DVD-R for just such an occurrence.

Edit: Of course, my DVD burner isn't recognizing the blank disk...
Edit again: It turns out that, once I read the actual specs for the drive, it's a CD burner and DVD reader, but not a DVD burner. That's why it doesn't recognize the blank disk.

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I've had this problem with my burner. How did you fix it? I just gave up burning DVD's and instead just burn CD's, but I have some images I'd really like to put on a DVD for folks, and I don't know how to make my burner work.

I made sure I had a working ssh daemon working on my machine at home, as well as open ports, and installed an ssh client on my machine at work, and started a transfer from home to work when I got to work.

Of course, I'm up-load throttled on my home machine, so it said it would take 8 hours to do the transfer.

At lunch, I'm going to put the .iso file onto my iPod and use that to bring the data to work.

It's possible you (and I) have the wrong type of DVD blank. I don't think they've fully standardized, and its possible my DVD drive and the DVD are incompatible.

Double-check your burner. It turns out my DVD drive isn't a DVD burner, just a CD burner. No wonder it didn't recognize the blank media.

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