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A question...
I've played D&D before, starting with Blue Book D&D, AD&D, and 2nd Ed. AD&D. The last campaign I played in was probably close to a decade ago and was 2nd Edition AD&D. I have not gotten into editions 3 or 3.5, nor do I have recent experience with D&D. I don't believe I currently own any D&D books (I have, in the past, owned the basics for AD&D1 and AD&D2).

Should I get the basics for 4e?

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Wait 30 days after its release so you can get the murphy's rules and the fixes.


Yes it sounds like a software patch.

If you intend to play, then all you need to buy is the Player's Handbook. They FINALLY moved all the important information that a player needs to the PHB, including magic items. All info about combat and such - things once in previous editions of the DMG - are now sitting in the PHB. You should only buy the other two books if you intend to RUN a campaign.

Yes, Dorothy and I bought the whole set. I find this edition to be probably the best edition yet - your 1st level wizard is actually worth something more than a single magic missile now, after which point he needs to run and hide. He can be a real valued party member from first level.

The entire thing seems to have been rebuilt from the ground up, and I'm serious about the DMG and Monster Manual - only buy those if you're planning on running a campaign. As a player, we're finally at the point where all the player should need to buy is the PHB.

I played in a sample run, and LOVED the new mechanics.

Wait until October, though. This will likely sell well enough to go to another printing, and to be honest, they'll likely throw the errata/fixes into the new printings. I say October, because they intend on releasing the highly overpriced leather-bound editions then, and second editions will likely print at the same time.

Not to mention that it runs US$34.95. Money can be a bit tight for you two, so let it ride for a few months.

But as someone who has played it already, and bought it, my personal opinion is that it is likely the best edition yet. (My wife Dorothy is nodding in agreement as I read this out loud to her.)

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