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Great, good, and bad...
The great news is that it looks like the plan is to switch away from C++ for development work here. C++ is an incredibly baroque agglutinated language which makes it very hard to develop development support tools which handle refactoring, code completion, etc. It has several reatures which no one can count on because they were added over two decades and there is not uniform support. "It's better than C" is not a rallying cry for C++ anymore.

The good news is that it looks like the plan is to switch to .NET development. The .NET platform has had tons of thought put into its development by Microsoft, and has amazing toolchain support for refactoring, code completion, multilanguage development, etc. The only problem I really have with it is that it is tied to MS Windows.

The bad news is that this means, yet again, a complete paradigm and platform shift. *sigh*

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Actually, my impression is that Mono is increasingly a viable .NET implementation for non-Microsloth environments...

Its far easier not to do business with gravity than M$. Have you guys shipped anything yet?

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