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The state of the computer...
All it took to install the new DVD player was a $3 power cable adapter. The box, which had been sitting on its side on the floor, is now back upright and is ready to have the sides put back on.

The boot system still can't see the new IDE controller or the SATA controller, so I can't boot off of the DVD player or main hard drive. The workaround is to have a kernel on a hard drive the BIOS can see, and tell it to use the disk on the good controller as a root partition. I have to do this manually for now.

KDE4 on my system is slow. I think I'm going to do a reinstall with regular ubuntu.

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now if we could only update/upgrade *my* computer :(

Doesn't KDE4 need a whopping graphics card in order to really work happily?

Maybe, but supposedly I have decent graphics card. I think the real killer is 512MiB of RAM in the box.

I priced out a 1GiB stick for the machine (pushing me up to 1.5GiB) but it was nearly double the cost of more modern memory -- and couldn't be taken to a new MB anyway.

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