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Jane killed Dick
It was a beginning. Gary Stu wasn't happy about the names, but the advantage of word processors was that he could change the names anytime he came up with better ones. Of course, the directory of half-completed stories starring Alice, Bob, Chuck, Dave, and Elizabeth were silent testimony to his ability to come up with names. He switched windows and opened is "Bad Story Idea" file: Alice, Bob, et al, rise from the page and complain to their lousy author about all he's had them do.

Back to Dick and Jane... He had the "who" and the "what", but he didn't have the rest. "where" and "when" and even "how" could wait somewhat. He didn't know if this was going to be a mystery, a police procedural, a caper story, or what. Jane killed Dick with the candlestick in the parlor. Gary treacherously considered that maybe he needed to establish where and how quickly just to tame his wandering mind. No, he needed to know "why". Everything else would flow from "why", he hoped.

OK, why did Jane kill Dick? There are many possibilities: She could have done it accidentally, for no reason; she could be a psychopath, and did it "because he was there, and it seemed like fun"; She could have done it out of perceived self-defense; She could have done it in war; she could have done it to support a perceived higher cause; she could have done it for money, for jealously, to preemptively protect herself or a loved one. Killing Dick had to be a crucial turning point for Jane, a vastly life-changing event. Even if she were a soldier or a psychopath, something had to be special about Dick, such as her first or last kill. It changed her. It was important, at least to her.

Gary sat back and looked at his notes. There was an embarrassment of riches. Any one of those could be the jumping off point for a story. Gary felt rising the familiar sensation of Analysis Paralysis. All are good choices, which one should he follow?

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That's why I don't write fiction. I never knew it had a name.

Analysis Paralysis?

Yeah, I've been there many times myself.

None of the above.

Jane was possessed and her mun used her to kill Dick.



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