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Job references
A member of my Friends List posted (in a locked entry) about some weird shenanigans her new employer is doing with regard to her references. Which got me thinking...

For those of you who have been on the hiring side of the employment equation, is there anything an applicants references can say which will increase their chances of getting a job, or can they only decrease an applicants chances? Do you only call references on applicants you are planning to hire (in which case positive references would just confirm your decision) or do you use references to distinguish between top-running candidates.

And how often have you run into bad references (e.g. "Jim Smith? No, I wouldn't work with him again; he was let go for cause. He really put me down as a reference? Really?")?

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When I was in this position, I was in Wisconsin, and all I could ask was if the person worked for them during the time the potential employee indicated and if they were eligible for rehire. I could not ask why if they were not.

When I was the manager of the Tandy Leather I had an applicant whose references could not say anything nice about her.

I know that Rhea sometimes worries about negative references. The sort that damns with faint praise.

I remember we had an infamous faculty member at Morrisville at the Business Department. He was actually let go. Later the Dean got a reference call for him.

Greg said, "With a good bit of work, Mr. X could be an adiquite faculty member."

Randy & I loved that!

I'm not sure how it is in all states, but in CO the only legal answers sups could give for job references were: Yes, X worked here and it was from Y date to Z date.

I know this because various supervisors told me about it. While that is all they can legally give, I wouldn't be surprised if people did give further information if asked.

I believe the law in NYS restricts what a previous employer can say about you. They can confirm whether you worked there and they can answer whether or not they would hire you again if given the opportunity. Usually the answer to that speaks volumes. Generally they can't give specifics.

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