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So far a lot of good guesses and queries have been made. 6 of the 10 have been guessed, and a lot of information about the rest is dug out. Keep up the good work!

The ones remaining are:
2. Living, Near Future, SF, Human Male, from written fiction, variety of odd jobs, including concert promoter, doesn't have green skin and isn't married to a witch.
4. Living, Contemporary, Fantasy, Human (with non-human abilities) Male, TV, and I don't know the occupation, not Vincent from Beauty and the Beast, not on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the show has been off the air for 10 years, but had an active fandom then.
10. Dead, Future, SF, Human Female, movies, safety inspector (I think). Not Ellen Ripley from Alien, the movie is an obscure one by a famous director and this person isn't the title character.

The guessed ones are:

1. Brother Cadfael, gotten by acelighting
3. Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy, guessed by skitten
5. Pris from Bubblegum Crisis/Crash, figured out by aylinn
6. Kennet R'Yal Shardik, gotten by kinsfire
7. Tony Stark, gotten by theentwife
8. Will Robinson, guessed by skitten
9. Princess Leia Organa, gotten by theentwife

When listing if they are from written, comic, TV, or movies, I'm only listing their initial incarnation. Some have appeared in more than one medium; I haven't listed them all.

(*) See comments for more detailed answers.

I'll update this with correct guesses and summaries of the clues.

Questions Asked:
(a) Which people in the list are dead by the end of the story or series in which they appear?
(b) what time periods are the people in?
(c) Which characters are from Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Mystery genres?
(d) Which characters are Male and which are Female?
(e) Which characters are not human?
(f) which characters are "Mary Sue"s of the authors?
(g) Which characters are originally from written fiction, which originally from television, which originally from comic books, which from radio, which from folk tales, and which from "other"?
(h) How are these characters employed?

The remaining questions asked so far are about specific characters and are reflected in the above tables.

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if it's not will- is it Major Don West ?

is#4 in Buffy the tv show?

I can see how Buffy might be considered contemporary fantasy, but how can Babylon 5 possibly be considered either contemporary or fantasy?

I keep coming up with the show Forever Night (Knight?), but the only characters I know from that series were all vampires, so don't exactly count as Living or Human. *shrugs*

Forever Knight is a good guess, but wrong. #4 exhibited the same sort of longevity, but without the pesky photophobia or haemophagia.

How many TV series were there in the mid-to-late '90s which would qualify as "contemporary fantasy"? Eliminated so far are Buffy (and spinoffs), Beauty and the Beast, and Forever Knight.

Another hint: This show had spinoffs which weren't nearly as popular. And while this character wasn't in a movie, the setting and background was in a movie first. In much the same way that, say, Xander Harris wasn't in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie, but the whole setup of Buffy, Watchers, etc, were.

err... any shows on witches count?(Charmed)

I keep thinking of a certain whitelighter that was married to one of the witches... a wqhitelighter is a human with non human abilities......like Leo?

umm... that referred to #2 thanks....

Charmed was not written fiction first, as far as I can remember.

Charmed is not the source material for any of the characters. Neither is B5 or Buffy.

#10- is the movie about an alternate universe where ppl are trapped on the freeway?...were the ppl controlled & their sexuality controlled? (the name of that movie is slowly moving towards the tip of my tongue *sigh*)

I can't recognize the movie from that description. I think I know the movie you are talking about, but it doesn't meet your description.

hmmm... is #4 from quantum leap?

I'm trying here you know... perchance another clue for each? Pretty please?

so... if I was able to look back a month in netflix viewing history would I be on the right track? did I misname the director spielberg & he wasn't? was there a weird non place that was mostly white in said movie?

That sort of answer won't really help anyone else. Why don't you try it and see if you can find the movie you are thinking of and ask again.

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