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Another update to the fictional character puzzle
This idea was gotten from bloodsong1. I've got 10 fictional characters in mind. Ask me questions about them to try to identify them. Obviously, questions like "Who is #1?" will either be ignored or be given wise-crack answers (like "You are #6"). But otherwise, ask questions of any sort, and I'll do the best to answer them.

1. Brother Cadfael, gotten by acelighting
2. Living, Near Future, SF, Human Male, from written fiction, variety of odd jobs, including concert promoter
3. Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy, guessed by skitten
4. Living, Contemporary, Fantasy, Human (with non-human abilities) Male, TV, and I don't know the occupation
5. Living, later 21st century, SF, Human Female, TV, bike mechanic and singer
6. Kennet R'Yal Shardik, gotten by kinsfire
7. Tony Stark, gotten by theentwife
8. Living, Future, SF, Human Male, TV, explorer
9. Princess Leia Organa, gotten by theentwife
10. Dead, Future, SF, Human Female, movies, safety inspector (I think).

When listing if they are from written, comic, TV, or movies, I'm only listing their initial incarnation. Some have appeared in more than one medium; I haven't listed them all.

(*) See comments for more detailed answers.

I'll update this with correct guesses and summaries of the clues.

Questions Asked:
(a) Which people in the list are dead by the end of the story or series in which they appear?
(b) what time periods are the people in?
(c) Which characters are from Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Mystery genres?
(d) Which characters are Male and which are Female?
(e) Which characters are not human?
(f) which characters are "Mary Sue"s of the authors?
(g) Which characters are originally from written fiction, which originally from television, which originally from comic books, which from radio, which from folk tales, and which from "other"?
(h) How are these characters employed?

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Would #6 perchance be Kennet Shardik? (I may have misspelled it. Elf Sternberg's world?)

Yes! Any guesses on the others?

Just a few guesses from me:

7. Tony Stark, from Iron Man
8. John Crichton, from Farscape
9. Princess Leia, from Star Wars
10. Ellen Ripley, from the Alien series


Half-right. Tony Stark is indeed the industrialist from comic books, and Princess Leia is the diplomat from long ago (and, for that matter, far away).

But I'm thinking of a different future explorer on TV than John Crichton, and a different future female safety inspector in the movies than Ellen Ripley.

errr... is #3 a tv show that I've watched? Is she a full fledged doctor or an intern?

You have seen #3 on TV. She is a full-fledged doctor.

hmmm#10 sounds familiar for some reason.... should I know? Is this referring to a character of a short-lived tv series?

Nope. Appeared in a movie, not TV.

ooh ooh! is #2 green in the face???

Nope. Her skin is a normal human skintone.

#2- is he married to a witch?

She is not married to a witch.

how the hell did i miss Ken Shardik? (and he is a Mary Sue - elfs said so in his LJ.)

#5 - Ace from Dr. Who?

I have no idea how you missed Ken Shardik (and I didn't know Elf had said he was a Mary Sue, but I pretty much believed it anyway).

#5 is not Ace from Dr. Who.

err is #8 from red dwarf?

is #8 a star trek varient?

What do you mean a "variant"? I'd say the shows are similar in some respects, but any connection is indirect.

is #8 a character in "lost in space"?

Yep, as effectively answered in another thread.

You asked this question twice, in two comments timed two minutes apart. Why?

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