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(no subject)
We're watching1 Ralph Bakshi's J.R.R.Tolkein's The Lord Of The Rings, and once again I'm struck by a thought that I get whenever I seriously consider this story.

The ring. The bloody ring. Throughout the story it is carried either in Frodo's (or some other Ringbearer's) pocket or on a cord around the Ringbearer's neck. Frodo and company are cautioned many times, at different parts, to the dangers of wearing the ring, showing off the ring, losing the ring, etc. And yet, repeatedly, Frodo and company use it, other see it, lose it (but recover it), etc.

Why, oh why, at Rivendell (or even the Shire) didn't Frodo, or one of his advisors, put the ring in a pouch, sew the pouch shut, and secure the pouch to Frodo's clothing or body, concealed under his outer clothing, difficult to lose, show off, or use.

1"Watching" means, for me, paying half attention whilst web-surfing. For skitten it seems to mean napping on and off on the couch.

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That would have been a much shorter story. :-)

Nah, the much shorter story version I've seen involves them riding to Mount Doom on eagle-back after the Council at Rivendell.

The giant eagles are cool, but I don't know how well they would have stood up to the Black Riders on their winged mounts.

You can't watch that movie. It doesn't exist.

That movie was the one that defined 'suckfest' to me even before I knew the term.

I agree, though. There are so many holes in the story that it's not funny.

The point is that Frodo was being tested. If you sew it up in a pouch and glue it to the hobbit's chest, it's not as much of a test. Plus then you have to rip it off to throw it in the magma of Mt. Doom, ouchie.

Yes, it would have been sensible to carry it in such a way, but epic fantasy is not about sensible. It's about overcoming the odds and passing your tests, even if the test is as simple and as deadly as the One Ring.

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