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Fictional Character puzzle, updated
This idea was gotten from bloodsong1. I've got 10 fictional characters in mind. Ask me questions about them to try to identify them. Obviously, questions like "Who is #1?" will either be ignored or be given wise-crack answers (like "You are #6"). But otherwise, ask questions of any sort, and I'll do the best to answer them.

1. Brother Cadfael, gotten by acelighting
2. Living, Near Future, SF, Human Male
3. Living, Contemporary, Human Female
4. Living, Contemporary, Fantasy, Human(*) Male
5. Living, later 21st century, SF, Human(*) Male
6. Dead, Contemporary to far future, SF, Transhuman Male, possibly a "Mary Sue"
7. Living, Contemporary, SF, Human Male
8. Living, Future, SF, Human Male
9. Living, Long Ago, SF, Human(*) Female
10. Dead, Future, SF, Human Female

(*) See comments for more detailed answers.

I'll update this with correct guesses and summaries of the clues.

Questions Asked:
(a) Which people in the list are dead by the end of the story or series in which they appear?
(b) what time periods are the people in?
(c) Which characters are from Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Mystery genres?
(d) Which characters are Male and which are Female?
(e) Which characters are not human?
(f) which characters are "Mary Sue"s of the authors?

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1. Brother Cadfael
6. Robert Hedrock
8. any male character from any "generation" of Star Trek
9. Ayla
10. Susan Calvin

Brother Cadfael it is. Not so much the others. I don't think "Ayla" would qualify as "Technically alien". She was as human as you or I.

i read that book quite a long time ago, and i thought i remembered Ayla as at least half Neanderthal. oh well. (and the only things that kept me from thinking that #6 was Lazarus Long were the "deliberate" transformation, and being dead by the end of the story.)

Edited at 2008-05-15 04:07 pm (UTC)

You're on the right track with #6. I believe that when #6 died, he was older than Lazarus was.

IIRC, Lazarus was over 4000 years old by the end of Time Enough For Love (and he damned well was a Mary Sue). but i confess that i now have no freakin' clue who #6 might be...

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